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Egyptoffroad, specialising in off-road driving courses since about 4 years,
based in Cairo also offers guided tours in the Western Egyptian Desert. They
lead expeditions to the White Desert as well as to the remotest areas up to
the Sudanese-Libyan borders, to the Great Sand Sea, Gilf Kebir and Uweinat.
The desert enthusiast Peter belongs to my closest circle of friends in Cairo. He taught me to love,
appreciate and experience the desert of Egypt.

Egyptoffroad offers trips that are especially suited to experience-hungry expats in Cairo who have their
own 4x4 vehicles (and that's not a few !), and who really want to learn how to behave in the desert and
particularly how to return to civilisation (read "asphalt") after problems arise.

In the meantime, in addition to driving classes, Egyptoffroad also offers very interesting trips to the
entire western Egyptian desert. These , as mentioned, are designed for those who would like to
experience the desert under competent guidance in the comfort of their own car.
"Normandie" or famous "Oyota"

We spent two evenings in Heliopolis at Peter's flat to get ready with some theories about
navigation in the desert, how to fix a car without "Ali-Baba" handwork shop at your disposal.
What's a dune, how many different dune types exist in the Sahara and more. Also history of the
Western Desert and finally some camping tips gave us an interesting overview about having
serious fun on the next desert trip.

The following friday we hit the road direction Bahariya and leave the asphalt after about 120 km
away from Cairo.

We were six cars, including our guide Peter, leading us without any problems over stones, sand,
more sand, soft sand, very soft sand, small dunes, middle and really huge ones. Getting stucked
was on program to test our new skills. To get unstucked before the next working day was the

Everybody had fun and hopefully learned something for upcoming trips into the desert.

It was for me the first time to join a driving course given by Egyptoffroad. I highly recommend
this course for any desert-driver in Cairo and all over Egypt (these guys need some input) and
last but not least, anybody who ever have the possibility to come over from abroad with his own
4x4 vehicle (good luck and have a lot of fun with the Egyptian customs authorities.

Once in Cairo, you will not to regret to join Egyptoffroad for a driving course or your next trip to the
Egyptian Western Desert.

For more details on the offers of Egyptoffroad, please visit their homepage.