Farafra German
I visited the Badawiya Hotel in Farafra for the first time in 1997 shortly after it opened.
The western-most oasis in the Egyptian desert has kept it appeal and natural character.
Even if the asphalt road has been there now for decades and in the meantime mobile
phone networks and Internet connections are not longer a problem, the seclusion of this
relatively small oasis is still worth a trip. The contrast to Cairo remains overwhelming.

I count the family which owns the hotel, particulary Saad Ali and one of his brothers
Hamdi, among my closest desert friends in Egypt. I've stayed at their hotel as often as
possible, enjoyed bathing in the hot springs - in summer in the cool fresh water lake and
spent all in all several weeks with them in the desert. Back in Cairo I was a regular guest
on Saad's houseboat on the Nile.
People who would like to get to know the simple but sincere way of life of the people in
Farafra, who are ready to experience the desert, and who don't place much too worth on
luxury are at the right place at the Badawiya Hotel. The tours offered range from one-day
trips with specially equipped LandCruisers to Jeep or camel trips of several weeks
duration in Egypt's western desert.

When desired, further trips (e.g., Upper Egypt, the Red Sea and more) can be organised.
The journey can be made without a problem in one's own car (even with two-wheel drive).
Otherwise, two daily bus connections to and from Cairo are available. The distance
between Cairo and Farafra is approximately 550 km. Farafra lies only 40 km south of the
White Desert, through whose natural treasures many people have already made their
For further information and assistance please contact the "Bedouin-Brothers of Farafra"
directly by visiting their website.

Farafra German