First of all I would like to thank my family to share and support my passion for the desert.

Thanks to Peter, the desertfox. Without him, I would not be able to discover the beauty of the Western
Desert of Egypt. Thanks to Martin who helped me once out of a "stucked" situation at Wadi Rayan. Also
many thanks to their families. I'm glad that I met you.

Thanks Mohammad, Amun, Meline, Mario and familiy, to join me on several trips.

Thanks to the Bedouin brothers in Farafra, Saad, Hamdi, Atef including the staff of their Bedouin Hotel. I
felt always at home far from home when relaxing at their place.

Paul and Tom in Switzerland who support me with tips and equipment while creating the page.

Everybody else, I may forgot to add here ..... and last but not least all the thousands of visitors of

Grave, close to the Magic spring in the White desert.
Open like this when we visit it. Probably Romans, some
thousand years old.